Held the second Saturday of each month from 2 to 4 pm

UMOCA invites children of all ages and their families to discover our changing exhibitions and participate together in hands-on art making activities led by a trained educator. Each activity connects to a brand new idea, medium or theme explored by an artist currently exhibited in the museum. Projects are suitable from toddler to tween in a wide range of abilities.

Family Art Saturday is offered free of charge.
Museum admission is a $5 suggested donation to help support our programming.
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Schedule of Projects and Activities

MAR 12
Get Into Character

After spending many years in the film industry, David Brothers turned to set design and still photography to tell stories set within his staged, fantastical worlds. Visit Rolithica for inspiration before creating a mask of a creature that could exist in one of these environments. When your mask is done, return to the exhibition to be photographed as though you are part of the installation!

Tiny Tunnel Book
In Rolithica, David Brothers transforms the gallery into tunnels filled with meaningful personal objects that tell a story of the tunnel’s inhabitants. Create your own story in the form of a tunnel book showing a world created by you. 

From Tag to Tote

Join the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art for a special family art-making activity at the Fashion Place Nordstrom store. First, go on a scavenger hunt for your favorite logos in the children’s department. When you feel graphically inspired, use fabric markers to create your own design on a canvas bag you can enjoy whether you are on a shopping trip or carrying your art supplies!

MAY 14
Rocket to the Moon
Larissa Sansour’s A Space Exodus explores ideas of displacement, loneliness, and isolation. Think about the people and places you would miss if you were leaving on a space expedition. Draw a picture of your favorite place or people here on Earth. Then, create a single-person paper rocket that will take you far away to the moon.

JUN 11
Media Spectacles
UMOCA’s main gallery exhibition, Ideologue, highlights our media saturated society. What we see on TV, in movies, in magazines, and on the Internet isn’t always an accurate portrayal of the world. The media is often the lens through which we see the world. Create a pair of media spectacles and see how the colorful lenses change your perspective.