Held the second Saturday of each month from 2 to 4 pm

UMOCA invites children of all ages and their families to discover our changing exhibitions and participate together in hands-on art making activities led by a trained educator. Each activity connects to a brand new idea, medium or theme explored by an artist currently exhibited in the museum. Projects are suitable from toddler to tween in a wide range of abilities.

Family Art Saturday is offered free of charge.
Museum admission is a $5 suggested donation to help support our programming.

Schedule of Projects and Activities



DEC 9, 2017
Fluffy Paintings
Warm up this winter with an activity inspired by the wool artworks of Anna Betbeze, the 2017 Doctorow Prize winner. Betbeze burns, bleaches, dyes and stitches traditional flokati rugs, forming visceral fields of color that are both painterly and sculptural. Create your own fluffy textile artwork by cutting and coloring a unique arrangement of fun, furry, fuzzy fabrics.

JAN 13, 2018
Beehive Bonanza
Maria Molteni’s Art Truck installation encourages us to learn from the way bees collaborate and communicate in their hive. This Family Art Saturday project has something for everybody! Learn how to “festoon” using drawing materials and fabric flags. Explore the geometry of the hexagon as you build a honeycomb cell for our collaborative beehive. Craft a colorful flower out of bottle caps, and use yarn and googly eyes to fashion a fuzzy bee friend.

FEB 10, 2018
Landscape Puzzle Paintings
Carly Giovinski creates sculptures and drawings that look just like everyday objects, until you take a closer look! Using wood and paint, she asks us to ponder how humans, and our human-made objects, relate to the natural landscape. Paint a beautiful vista onto a personal puzzle so that you can take it apart, piece it back together, and change the way you see the natural world.

MAR 10, 2018
Layered Earth Drawings
Like the deposits of sand and clay that formed the rock of the Badlands millions of years ago, Molly Kaderka’s drawings take shape through a detailed process of mark-making, layer by layer. For your artwork, gain inspiration from mysterious and intriguing natural phenomena like geology and the night sky. Then, draw organic textures onto transparent sheets before sandwiching together these artistic strata to compose your layered drawing.


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