Held the second Saturday of each month from 2 to 4 pm

UMOCA invites children of all ages and their families to discover our changing exhibitions and participate together in hands-on art making activities led by a trained educator. Each activity connects to a brand new idea, medium or theme explored by an artist currently exhibited in the museum. Projects are suitable from toddler to tween in a wide range of abilities.

Family Art Saturday is offered free of charge.
Museum admission is a $5 suggested donation to help support our programming.

Schedule of Projects and Activities


FEB 11, 2017
Hybrid Animal Selfies
Rona Pondick and Robert Feintuch explore psychological aspects of being human through humorous representations of fragmented and hybrid bodies. Turn yourself into a composite creature, too! Dream up the body of a funny animal to paint on a portable “head in the hole” photo board, then place your face in the opening and pose for a photo to complete your perplexing artwork.

MAR 11, 2017
Stones That Speak
Mary Rothlisberger spent years on the road investigating remote environments and rural communities in America. Her artworks invite viewers to get to know the ground they stand on by having conversations with the landscape. Listen to what the landscape around you has to say and tell its story by painting your very own stone. When you are finished, you will have a work of art that talks and rocks.

APR 8, 2017
Stop and Go
Can moving images represent the real world? Justin Chouinard creates media sculptures, performances, and motion image artworks inspired by the limitations of film. Learn how a sequence of still images can trick the brain into seeing movement, and then illustrate your own flipbook animation for a take-home artwork that embodies both the static and cinematic. 

MAY 13, 2017
Silhouette of a Better World
The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be challenges viewers to think about the hardships that humans create for one another in the world. The international artists who take part in this exhibition ask their audience to take action and create a brighter future. Outline your own silhouette and fill it with your vision for a better world and your dreams for the future you would like to live in.

JUN 10, 2017
Patchwork Chimeras
Rona Pondick believes that the body speaks. What do her hybrid self-portraits say? Trace outlines of your own head and limbs onto fabric, and then cut and assemble the pieces together with fabric wings, claws, tails, fins, antennae, and more. Add feathers, fur, and other textures to complete a curious patchwork creature that is a portrait of you!