Organized by the Springville Museum of Art, the Evenings for Educators series is one of the longest-running programs of the StateWide Art Partnership (SWAP). These events are held on average once a month during the academic year at locations across the state of Utah.

Evenings for Educators feature keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, and free educational materials designed to help teachers integrate the night’s theme into their curriculum. Teachers may receive inservice credit for attending these events. See the full series and preregister >


Object[ed]: Shaping Sculpture in Contemporary Art

OCT 26, 2016 | 6:30PM

The sculptures of UMOCA’s exhibition, Object[ed], challenge concepts of objecthood by considering gendered experiences as they relate to art history. Join us for a guided tour and hands-on workshops that demonstrate how K-12 educators can use these art objects to teach social equity and history in the classroom.
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Lesson Plans:

  • On The Surface (Visual Arts Grades 3-12; Math Grades 3-4, 6)
    Students combine their knowledge of geometry and value to create depth in a 2D paper collage that they develop into a 3D paper relief sculpture.
  • Binary in Balance (Visual Arts Grades 3-12; Social Studies U.S. History I & II; Health Education Grades 4-6)
    Students learn about sculptural materials and gender inequality in art, and then use wood and fabric as contrasting materials to create a sculpture that undermines stereotypes.
  • Where is the Art? (Visual Arts Grades 9-12)
    Students engage in an interactive approach to exploring theoretical questions posed by found object sculpture.