The only traveling educational art exhibit of its kind in Utah, the UMOCA Art Truck brings exciting and accessible contemporary art, created by leading local and national artists, directly to schools and community venues across the state.

Each on-site visit by the Art Truck includes the expertise of a trained museum art educator who leads students through a meaningful exploration of the current exhibition. Teachers are provided with structured lesson plans to supplement their tour and incorporate the Art Truck more deeply into their curriculum.


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Art Truck 2017-2018: Maria Molteni













The root of the word FESToon comes from *feast or *festival, and refers to an abundance of material that is so plenty, it falls off the table and drapes indulgently and ornately. The festoon was used in many historic art and architectural motifs, but is now an interdisciplinary term referring to any system that reflects this undulating structure. The way that scalloped chunks of comb drape inside beehives mirrors the ways bees string their bodies together between the frames of comb to build cells, a practice called festooning in the beekeeping world. Beyond beekeeping, festooning refers to the manner in which teeth attach to gums, strings of islands sit in the ocean, electrical wiring hangs, and party flags adorn a room.

Molteni uses this playful, abstract form to talk about community: when individual parts link to form an energized system, like the communal nature of the beehive. Festooning: Enter the Beehive brings Molteni’s progressive models of education and engagement to Utah communities. Participants take away a greater understanding of our communal power, a motivation to engage responsibly with other species, and the ability to make cultural and conceptual connections between seemingly separate fields of study.


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The Art Truck is available free-of-charge for a wide variety of educational and charitable purposes.

For more information or to request a visit by the Art Truck, contact Erin Hartley at or call 801-328-4201 x 110.


Past Art Truck Teacher Guides

2016-17: Jaime Salvador Castillo & Michael Anthony García

2015-16: Mary Toscano

2014-15: Meridith Pingree

2013-14: Calder Kamin

2012-13: Carlos Rosales-Silva

2011-12: Peter Everett


The UMOCA Art Truck is free of charge thanks to the generous support of Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks; The Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Family Foundation; Salt Lake City Arts Council, and The State of Utah.