OCT 25 | 11:30 - 1:00 PM

Art Fitness Training

Join UMOCA for our contemporary art education program, Art Fitness Training. With an emphasis on close observation and easy to grasp principles, each one-afternoon workshop is designed to give all audiences the ability to muscle even the most difficult contemporary art.

In 3 easy steps, you’ll learn to unlock your art understanding potential and see instead of look at art. MORE>

OCT 29 | 7 PM

Enter the Uncanny Valley

Join hosts Alex Johnstone and C. Thi Nguyen as they discuss contemporary society and how we saturate ourselves with digital information. As life-simulating technology continues to improve, peek at how we might react when the digital world becomes more real than life.

LEVEL UP is a series of panel discussions that will navigate beyond invisible walls to touch on a variety of philosophical topics. MORE>

NOV 5 | 7 PM


Prevail will bring together four of SLC’s community leaders on the subject of domestic violence to host a panel discussion that will help individuals recognize and bring awareness to domestic violence against women.

Join us with panelists Alana Kindness, Justin Boardman, Lindsay Hansen-Park and moderator Cat Palmer. MORE>
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