JAN 10 2-4 PM

Family Art Saturday
New is Old, Old is New.

Bring together both new and old in a New Year’s artwork based on the work of Trent Call. Mix fast food wrappers and advertisements with old photographs and magazines to create your own Pop art collage. MORE>

JAN 14 9:30 am

Stroller Tours
Progress and Process

Trent Call and Guido van der Werve draw on differing aesthetics in their artwork, and yet there are striking similarities between the two. Discover Call’s collages and digital art featuring popular culture-inspired imagery, as well as van der Werve’s performative video work referencing the destruction of nature in the path of progress. MORE>


Closed For Installation

UMOCA is dedicated to bringing you incredible contemporary art that is relevant to current times and our community. During the last two weeks in January, we will be installing a new Main Gallery show and preparing to introduce a new gallery: the A-I-R Space.

Join us for the unveiling FEB 13, 7-9 PM
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