OCT 29 | 7 PM

Enter the Uncanny Valley

Join hosts Alex Johnstone and C. Thi Nguyen as they discuss contemporary society and how we saturate ourselves with digital information. As life-simulating technology continues to improve, peek at how we might react when the digital world becomes more real than life.

LEVEL UP is a series of panel discussions that will navigate beyond invisible walls to touch on a variety of philosophical topics. MORE>

NOV 5 | 7 PM


Prevail will bring together four of SLC’s community leaders on the subject of domestic violence to host a panel discussion that will help individuals recognize and bring awareness to domestic violence against women.

Join us with panelists Alana Kindness, Justin Boardman, Lindsay Hansen-Park and moderator Cat Palmer. MORE>

NOV 7 | 7:30 - 9:30

Fluid Art

Guests will experience contemporary art from an entirely new angle while tasting a variety of Utah’s finest ales.

11 brewers from the Utah Brewers Guild have chosen an art piece out of UMOCA’s galleries from which to match an ale based on qualities like color, mood, density and overall concept. Join us for a fun-filled evening of pairing art and ales. MORE>

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