AUG 29 | 7-9 PM

Dual Opening + Live Drawing Event

Matthew Allred: Clinamen The square and the round world, by certain inclination, unite.

Robert Smithson: Hotel Palenque Unearthing the Ruins of an Unbuilt Future

Between Panels: Collaborative Exquisite Corpse Drawing Experience bringing together comic artists as they react to each others' styles.

SEP 3 | 7 PM

Video Games | Philosophy | Contemporary Art

LEVEL UP is a series of panel discussions that will navigate beyond invisible walls to touch on a variety of philosophical topics in video games.

The first of 5 discussions in this series will look at video games and question its significance as an art form. Join us as we look at games that self-consciously seek to establish themselves as serious works of art, and we’ll ask why that matters. MORE>

SEP 5 | 7 PM

Q&A With Artist Glenn Weyant

Hosted by Rachel Povey and Aubrey Hawks, Glenn Weyant will share his experience creating "The Anta Project," a sonic collage played on the US/Mexico border wall separating Nogales, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico.

Learn more about Weyant’s transformation of a dividing wall into a unifying piece of music. MORE>
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