OCT 1 | 7 PM

Video Games|Philosophy|Contemporary Art

LEVEL UP is a series of panel discussions that will touch on a variety of philosophical topics that video games present.

3 of 5: Simulating Economics
Emerging from the modern gaming world is the existence of in-game currency with real-world value. This talk will look at the ethics and game design evolving from this phenomenon with guest speaker Jaremy Rich, Director of Product Management for DropForge Games. MORE>

OCT 11 | 2-4 PM

Family Art Saturday
Art Crate Candy Containers

Ever wonder how art travels to the museum and arrives safe and sound for each exhibition? The art crate exists behind the scenes, but we’re bringing it into the spotlight. Artwork arrives in crates of all shapes and sizes, bringing us artistic treats year-round. Create a custom candy bag to collect your own Halloween treats inspired by the simplicity and structure of a wooden crate. MORE>

OCT 17 | 7-9 PM

Opening Reception for Three New Exhibitions

William Lamson Hydrologies
The acts of adding and removing water as catalysts for generative works.

Amy Jorgensen Far From The Tree
Colliding narratives of identity and destruction.

Catherine Yass Wall
An intimate view of a contested concrete barrier.
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